Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments you will ever make.    The experience should be exciting and enjoyable, as well as stress free.   We are devoted to use our expertise to make your transaction successful and a memorable experience.

  1. Find a great AGENT

Choosing the right agent is your first and the most important step before you begin your real estate journey.   Make sure your real estate agent is knowledgeable, determined, and will look after your best interests.  Theresa, Nick and any member of The Scheib Team will provide honest, accurate information so you can make well-informed decisions regarding the purchase of your home.

  1. Find a  great LENDER

Before you are ready to begin looking for your dream home, you need to select your lender.  Your lender will collect necessary paperwork from you and will tell you what you can afford so that you do not spend time looking at “too much” home.   Your lender will also educate you on different types of loans and which loan type will work best for you and your family.

There are three key factors that you will need to consider when determining how much home you can afford.

  • The down payment
  • Your ability to qualify for a mortgage
  • The closing costs associated with your transaction

The Scheib Team works with several great lenders and can help you with the selection process.

  1. Find a great NEIGHBORHOOD, Find a great HOME!

Now that you are pre-approved, it is time to start looking for your dream home.    Prioritizing your needs and wants in order of importance will guide  The Scheib Team to match available properties that meet your search criteria and your budget.

  • Neighborhoods have characteristic personalities designed to best suit single people, growing families, two-career couples or retirees.    Investigate to determine if the neighborhood in which you choose to look for a home matches your lifestyle and personality.   Look for things like access to major thoroughfares, highways, and shopping.   Check with local civic, police, fire, school officials,  and of course the internet, to find information about the area.  Look at traffic patterns and drive from the area to work and see if the commute will work for you.   Is this neighborhood near parks, churches, recreation centers, shopping, theaters, restaurants, public transportation, schools, etc.?  These are all things you need to consider when choosing a neighborhood.
  • Once you have selected an area/neighborhood,  The Scheib Team will schedule a tour of properties that meet your criteria.   We will be by your side every step of the way.  We will provide information about each property and review the advantages, disadvantages and the neighborhood comparisons.  We will continue the process until we find “The One”.
  1. Found the great HOME,  Let’s make a great DEAL!

“I LOVE THIS HOME”   Allow Theresa or Nick or someone from the The Scheib Team to guide you through the process.

  • Present a contract offer
  • Negotiate terms of the contract including inclusions, possession and contingencies
  • Open Title
  • Work with lender
  • Inspections
  • Appraisal
  • Survey

We will work through all of these together!   That is The Scheib Team’s commitment to you!